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New 'New Moon' Trailer

It's already that time again–you’ll be seeing a new New Moon trailer very soon!

A version will premiere before the film Sorority Row today, and a longer version will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (along with the first single from the New Moon soundtrack from Death Cab for Cutie!)

Here’s what you can expect to see The Volturi awaits you under the cut...Collapse )

The very first set for Eclipse may have been found in Vancouver. It could be the set for Jasper’s flashback to the 1800’s in Texas where he is seen horseback riding.

Above you can see the actual Texas mountains that will be portrayed in the fim, and to the right you can see the location in Vancouver where filming was taking place yesterday.

Malicious Mandy says

"They had torn down most everything and we chatted with crew still tearing down. There were dark black screens (typically they are white and used for either blocking views or reflecting light)

I asked why they were black (perhaps it was too sunny yesterday and instead of reflecting light as the white ones do, they were absorb light?) and they told us they were not for lighting purposes at all but to block the paparzzi… wait…. how many movies are being filmed right now that would require paparzzi?"


Hunky Kellan Lutz, aka Emmett Cullen, pokes fun at the Paparazzi yesterday in Vancouver! Doesn’t he just have the greatest sense of humor? I heart him.

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Great New Moon Animations!!!

OK so I was searching for some new pics and my friend Esme_Libra17 had some great ones!! Here they said I could put these up to share so enjoy!!!


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While everyone watched as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart won big at the Teen Choice Awards last night, along with the rest of the Twilight cast, the onscreen couple may have decided to celebrate their victories all on their own.

E! News reports that as Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and the rest of the gang did press interviews, Robsten slipped out the back and left together in a black Navigator and headed for Rob’s hotel, the Chateau-Marmont. Evidence points to the two of them spending alone time there, as a source tells E!, “Kristen was in and out all weekend.”

Don’t believe they left together? Check out the video below:




New to the site!

Alright I have just joined and am new to the site and am slowly learning to use everything on here. So please add me as your friend and if you ever want to know something about me then ask. I pretty much an open book.